Paavo Lotjonen biography

Eyes: Dark blue
Hair: black
Earrings: none
Tattoos: none

Paavo Lotjonen - biography

Paavo Lotjonen was born on July 29th, 1968 in Kuopio (Finland).

Paavo Lotjonen comes from a family where everyone is musician (parents and grandparents) and when he was only 7, he took a cello in his little hands and decided that this would be the instrument he would play.
20 years later Paavo got his "soloist cellist" diploma at the Sibelius Academy and began to work as a cello teacher in West-Helsinki and Northwest-Helsinki musical colleges. He also played in the "Finnish National Opera".

Paavo's taste in matter of music is very eclectic, from classic music to heavy metal, including pop, rock, and jazz. He mentions in his influence Jimi Hendrix as well as Metallica and NOFX, and Beatles and Aretha Franklin and Billy Holiday aswell as Brahms, Mozart or Sibelius, even if he admit he listen few of Black, Melodic or Speed Metal, he appreciates Waltari. Thought his favorite composer remains Bach.

This very accomplished sportsman practice, beside his musical carrier, an impressively wide range of physical activities, windsurf, scuba diving, horse riding, Nordic and Mountain skiing, which allow him to combine his appreciation of sport and his love for nature; but time to time he appreciates to stay home with family with a good book. He admits sometimes that he likes to stay late in bed.



Paavo: "Music comes from the head and heart, and the head is the shaker, where you put all the kind of things you love"

Paavo: "Lyrics limit the fantasy".

Paavo: "I am flying all the time in my dreams".

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