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About Finland and Finns:

Paavo: "My best trait? You know Finns are not saying any best traits."

Paavo: "Finnish people are basically not talking bullshit - if they want to say something, they will say it straight and honestly."

Eicca: "We make things which we otherwise never would do. Go to places which we would never seek. Extreme situations. We Finns like that. Heat. Cold."

Eicca (about Finland): "We have a strange language..."

Eicca: "Sweden is a pop country, Finland is a rock country"

Eicca: "It's very common! Being naked in Finland."

Perttu: "The truth is that in our country, also because of the weather, we don't have many things to do, nothing special ever happens and that's why we put so much effort in actually making sth good. We feel very melancholic in general."

About music:

Eicca: "The meaning of music basically is to create a space for your mind. You know that when you listen to music that music creates head room in your head and for your feelings and you can actually handle your feelings".

Eicca: "I understand nothing about writing lyrics. For me it's like a black area!"

Eicca (about Finnish music): "Finnish music is in the minor key; if people wrote music like that in other countries, they'd be taken for suicide freaks! But Finnish people aren't as depressed as you'd think..."

Eicca: "We've always been playing cello with no lyrics, so for us, it's nothing strange. Sometimes you can tell much more by the music than the lyrics".

Eicca (on being asking about any favorite classical composers): "Mine is Shostakovitch, but you shouldn't listen to him in the summer. He's no good for Summer."

Paavo: "Music comes from the head and heart, and the head is the shaker, where you put all the kind of things you love"

Paavo: "Lyrics limit the fantasy".

Perttu: "People would never guess, but we want to have a soul kind of song".

Perttu: "The good thing about orchestral music is that it can create different feelings for each and every one of us."

Perttu: "Music is like a big cake, that consists of many pieces with different flavours. You just cut and take the one you like..."

Perttu: "We always have group sex in the studio. Music is love between men".

Perttu: "What you have to do is collect experiences and feelings, put them into music and then each listener's imaginations can fly away."

About Cellos:

Perttu: "I think that the sound of cello is very melancholic and also very dark."

Q:: "Why are cellos so sexy?"
Perttu: "Firstly, we keep them between our legs."

Perttu: "Don't know how it happens. BUT, i always hit the head against the cello."

Eicca: "Oh, a man with a guitar is nothing compared to a man with a cello! Girls really like the way that we handle our instruments."

Paavo: "No, no, no, no!!! Not violins!!!!"

Paavo: Oh, we love to punish our instruments! Most of the time they are full of hair & sweat & rosin. Our old teachers definitely wouldnt be happy!

About the band:

Perttu: Eicca's way of playing is more like rock. He's a bit more brutal, and rhythmically more precise, and I play more beautiful.

Perttu (about lights onstage): "They are nice, but I don't see them because they are behind me."

Perttu (being asking are the concert chairs comfortable): "I don't know, I don't sit too much, ask Antero".

Perttu (on being asked how he scores Eicca out of ten for kissing): "Eicca is good to kiss and he has nice body - but no tits."

Eicca: "We are the most smiling metal band in the world."

Eicca: "Perttu is Sleeping Beauty. "Mikko is the animal on stage. Paavo is very nice to people".
Paavo: "But that is a bad habit".

Eicca: "We just spent all our money on the videos".

Eicca: "Perttu composed like a maniac in the summer".

Eicca: "Perttu got a little excited during that last song. Let's calm him down with some Slayer"...

Eicca: "Yeah! We're always nude when we are together!"

Eicca: "Perttu has always been a very, very hard cello-player."

Mikko: "I'm the one that always tries to push this guys to play without me on shows".

Mikko (about Dave Lombardo): "I think he is lunatic as we are."

Paavo: "We don't drink much if we play the next day".

About oneself:

Perttu (about Antero and his exploising cello): "It was easier to make him play this cello than trying to give him leather-pants".

Perttu: "Eicca's way of playing is more like rock. He's a bit more brutal, and rhythmically more precise, and I play more beautiful."

Perttu: "I'm really this kind of person to show, quite clearly, my moods."

Perttu: "Sorrow and anger are surely inspiring for me, but sometimes I am inspired by positive feelings as well."

Perttu (leaning against the door after hard, hot gig): "My body is broken!"

Perttu (being asking how do he kill time when he in the bus): "Smoking cigarettes and talking shit !!"

Perttu: "Kitchen...What's that?"

Perttu (on the Phorum): "I would prefer to be James Bond - not more or less."

Perttu: "I'm actually pretty bad guitarist... You can't play cello in bed and most of the best ideas comes during night in the darkness...lying naked with the cold guitar on your skin...oo...maybe i should stop before it's too late...!!!!!!"

Perttu (being asking who is the most weirdy man in the band): "It HAS to be me. There's no other options!!!"

Perttu: (after attempting to sing during an interview) "Maybe I should just... play."

Mikko: "I think all of us are the kind of persons that we would get bored if we wouldn't change anything."

Mikko: "I think it's always interesting to pull out something really unexpected".

Paavo: "You know, if you have two beers your energy level goes down, that's why I never drink so much."

Paavo: "I am flying all the time in my dreams".

Paavo: "I am sometimes a bit cranky".

Eicca: "I am really good at organizing things and making things to happen when they are needed to".

Eicca: "Worst habit is I would say is that I easily overload myself which creates a chain reaction which makes me sometimes really mean".

Eicca: "I'm actually the only one who played all the shows this year, from the band".

Apo and fans

Imre: What is the best part about touring?
Paavo: Meeting nice girls...

Eicca: "In Germany and Central Europe we see the same faces for ten years already in the front row".

Eicca: "I have to say that there are more girls coming to our show than to the Rammstein shows! But we are not interested in groupies - we are all old and married men!"

Eicca: "Sauna and concert areas should be separated".

Fan: "Please write something nice."
Perttu (writing in finnish): "Something nice".

Eicca: "No i'm not staying here. You might kidnap me and beat me!"
Terrë: "I wouldn't beat you...."

Fan (on the Apo-forum): "Perttu, I love you. Will you marry me?"
Perttu: "This is so sudden. Can I think about it?"

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