Mikko Siren biography

Eyes: green-blue
Hair: blond
Earrings: one creole earring at right, 4 earrings left.
Tattoos: none

Mikko Siren - biography

Drummer Mikko Siren is well known for his multi-talented musicianship (he can play bass, guitar, and keyboard, he had a few lessons for violin at 9).

After living in London for a few years as an electronic musician/DJ, he has played with many bands in Finland, including the respected UltraBra, Kengurumeininki, Lapping Tongue, Syva Sininen and Megaphone.

He supported Apocalyptica live since 2003. In 2006, Mikko Siren became official member of Apocalyptica. Mikko's first composition for the band, Grace, appears in Worlds Collide. Unlike the other members of the band, he didn't have specific Metal background or links, his influences coming more from the rock-pop side (The Beatles, Rolling Stone, The Who, Massive Attack, but also funk and electronic music).

Mikko Siren is a fanatic record collectioner and a quite skilled cooker. He likes to watch at a good action movie or old Charlie Chaplin time to time.



Mikko: "I'm the one that always tries to push this guys to play without me on shows".

Mikko (about Dave Lombardo): "I think he is lunatic as we are."

Mikko: "I think all of us are the kind of persons that we would get bored if we wouldn't change anything."

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