Seemann - Apocalyptica feat. Nina Hagen

Seemann - Apocalyptica feat. Nina Hagen



  1. Seemann - radio version
  2. Seemann - album version
  3. Heat - album version

Nina Hagen about Seemann

"Well, there have been manyfold reasons for the collaboration. The first one is, i guess, that i contributed a song for a trailer of the Hannover World EXPO which took place a couple of years ago. The song was called "Schön ist die Welt" (The World is Beautiful) - an ancient German song, very beautiful - and while recording this song, we ended up offering several other songs to the organization. One of them was "Der Seemann" by Rammstein, which I sang, accompanied by piano. Eicca (of Apocalyptica) must have heard that demo at some point, totally by chance, without really taking notice until his wife said, "hey, this is so beautiful, listen: Rammsrein, Nina Hagen." So, next time he heard the song, he kind of "saw the notes flying around," he had a vision. Yeah, and then they called me."

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