Repressed - Apocalyptica feat. Max Cavalera & Matt Tuck

Apocalyptica plays Metallica by 4 cellos



  1. Repressed - single version Lyrics
  2. Path Vol. 2
  3. Betrayal
  4. Repressed (video) Video

Perttu Kivilaakso about "Repressed"

"Martin Dodd signed us and the Bullets for his label at the same time, so it was natural to work with Matt. They're also a geniously good band, I love them. Eicca already had "Repressed", and it turned out much more furious than we thought. Involving Cavalera changed it, and we decided to go with it."

"We had worked together earlier, "Bittersweets" (With Ville Valo and Lauri Ylonen - editor's note) and other things, but we felt that we were going soft. We meant to kick your face in with "Repressed". When we thought of making another duet with two men, we wanted to start from a whole different squear than with Ville and Lauri, Cavalera was the first thing in mind and he was interested immediately when he heard of it."

"No one was on the same side of the globe at the time, so the vocals were recorded on different sides of the world, and even the video was shot so that Matt was in The States, Cavalera somewhere in Europe and we made our part in FInland. Then we gingerly clipped and glued everything together."

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