Path Vol. 2 - Apocalyptica feat. Sandra Nasic

Path Vol. 2 - Apocalyptica feat. Sandra Nasic



  1. Path, Vol. 2 Lyrics Video
  2. Path, Vol. 1 Video
  3. Pray! - live
  4. Romance - live

Tracks 3 and 4 - live show in Munchen (Muffathalle, 24.10.2000)

Perttu Kivilaakso:
"The idea to put the lyrics was from us because the band has made many co-operations like... we have been playing for somebody's else album, but now we wanted to finally do it, that we have somebody to sing to our songs.
Then we had a huge list of singers we would like to ask if somebody would want to do it, and then Sandra came, interested about the thing. Then she actually wrote her part herself. Actually, we were not together in the studio at all. She was in Germany.
Sandra has got quite an aggressive style and "Path" is such a moving song! And she liked it also! So, that was the reason why we chose that one."

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