Apocalyptica in Moscow 07.11.2005

THE INTRODUCTION: Before a concert at 6-th November Pavel (the administrator of apocalyptica.ru) has got the information thet hotel where Apocalyptica stopped in Moscow. November (the administrator of apocello.ru) was on the job-place that Monday and could not go together with us, we (Pavel, Jennizle and me) have decided to go to the hotel to catch happiness three together.

On 7-th of November I got up at 5 30 AM. I couldn't sleep normally at night, coz I had the Apo concert before my eyes. In 8 10 we met in the subway (so early cause we remembered Perttu likes the morning walks), at 8 30 AM with a help of any kind people we found the hotel. On a way I have bought 2 russian chocolates, and Pavel have bought "kvas" - the russian national soft drink.

Jennizle and me have decided to come on a check point after 40 minutes of waiting on a cold air near the rail around the hotel - to talk to the most cheerful judged by appearance security guard (he had fun looking on us as we wait Apos on a terrible cold street - he guessed that we've been waiting Apocalyptica ). He confirmed, that Apos really live in this hotel. And he told us, that they traveled on the small bus - they used it for a drive on it of 6-th. November. "Wait here and maybe you would have a chance to get the autographs. I cannot pass you inside, but you can sit here" (in a check point). We were terribly grateful for his last words, since our bodies has already frozen on a wind.

So we set down for a long expectation. We decided to draw a poster "APO" coz it was necessary to us that Apos in the bus have understood, that we are the fans, which are waiting for them, but not just youth walking in a street . In fact we are three fans only in the hotel and on jackets we had no recognition symbols like APOCALYPTICA.

MEETING 1: We sat; stirred and looked out of the window, when there will be a bus.
People went by us, couriers came in the hotel, the life of hotel boiled in all. At 11-15 AM I saw some men in downy jackets walking through a checkpoint The idea that their warm clothes are similar on Finns clothes has flashed in my head. After them by us vigorous step pass Antero and Mikko... We were startled beyond speech. It was unexpected. We waited the bus and found them by us going for a walk. We have cried "Apo, Apo! Is it possible to take photos with you and to get your autographs?" Their first idea was to slip away, as they have added a step. But then they've thought again when saw that us only 3, have stopped and have lovely agreed. I unbuttoned the jacket for making the T-shorts visible on the photo. There is ridiculous image of Eicca on it (great thanks to Panti from apocalyptica.com - she drawn a picture). Mikko told "It's Eicca!" and laughed.

They stood on both sides from me and then Pavel made some photos with us. But his hands shivered so much that the camera jumped in his hands. We seen it and begun to laugh. When Pavel was photographed with them, he stepped on Antero's foot (he blaim himself long time after it). After they chatted with us and given the autographs to us: on my booklet ApocalypticA, on Pavel's paper, and on Russian-Finnish dictionary for Jennizle.

We were very nervous and hastened, so we forgotten to do a half of our affairs: to present a chocolate, to ask a lot of questions, and the main thing - November given 3 photos to us for collecting the autographs of all guys.

MEETING 2: We started to wait again. As longer we waited, as more strongly it seemed to us that they have gone not for a walk, but to the DK Gorbunova by the underground. But thanks God they have returned at 14 15. I asked them to undersign photos for our friend (November) and to made the photos with them again. The man from the crew has lovely told: " Give me the camera, I shall photograph you ", and then told, "check up. Did it normally turned out?". I have recollected about a chocolate and gave it to Mikko. He said "??" and... signed it and turned back it to me! I laughed and explain, that it's a gift for him - a Russian chocolate. We presented Pavel's calendar card to them and told, that he is Pavel from apocalyptica.ru.

Pavel wished to receive the autograph on the manual for self-tuition of a play on a cello but when Antero asked him: "Should I sign it?" Pavel answered - "No, it's a present for you". Antero asked how long Pavel plays on a cello, and then told that it is a remarkable gift and he will practice on it cause his play in Apocalyptica bed influences on his technics of a play. He said "Thanks" and long laughed at a gift.

We asked Mikko when the other guys will go . He told to me that Eicca will go to DK Gorbunova at 14-30 by the car and others will go there about 16-00 o'clock. We asked him to tell to other Apo, that we wait for them and we hope. He told: " If I saw them I'll do it".

MEETING 3: we sit and wait again :). We signed kvass and the chocolate. Eicca has not appeared at 14 30 so I decided to call to November. I departed far away from security guards and closer to pass, I stand with a phone at an ear... Also I see EICCA goes towards me! Adrenaline jumped up in my blood. We jumped up from our chairs and screamed - "Eicca, Eicca, hi! Is it possible to take the autograph and to make photos with you?". Of course he agreed :) I unbuttoned a jacket for making the picture of Eicca on my T-short visible. When he saw it, he told: "Hey, I remember you!" (*At 6-th November after a concert I screamed "Eicca, I have your image on my T-short, undersign on me!" and received his autograph on my breast... aaa.. on a T-short*) It's so nice that he remembered my T-short Eicca (again great thanks to Panti from apocalyptica.com ).

Jennizle and me stood on both side from him, it has strong embraced us and Pavel photographed us by shivering hands. Eicca smell something tasty and was so warm!! (it was so cold morning for waiting them. And he is so tall! Then we presented kvass to him and I told, that it is our national soft drink and he must open it carefully cause it is a little shaken up. We received autographs, expressed to him our admiration, told about yesterday's wonderful concert and that we hope to see them today at a concert... And also after a concert! After that we were ashamed to detain him further cause an interpreter were waiting him on a red foreign car. But we were not ashamed to call to November (which already was near DK Gorbunova) and to inform her that Eicca left us on a red car :))))). She managed to take an interview from him and to make photos.

MEETING 4: I were in the heat of passion. We saw so many Apos near us this day. And I took photos with Eicca! Eicca, which wrote Faraway! My idol! Jennizle, Pavel and me embraced each other with happiness and started to wait for other Apos. We heard the sound of radio... "The dance of small swans" by Tchaykhovski! It was like in a surrealistic dream. We are 3 lonely fans sit here, listen classic music and wait for Paavo and Perttu.

Around 16-00 o'clock the bus approached and driven on a parking in a territory of the hotel. We guessed that Apos just will go in it and we won't. receive autographs of Perttu and Paavo. But we believed that Apos are not such like. In fact they know that we waiting them since early morning. It would be shabby act! But every apofan know that they are kind and nice with their fans! We stood near the gates not to pass the moment when the bus will drive out the hotel. Mikko waved his arm to us and we waved to him for the answer. Perttu separated from the others and went to us. He asked, are whether is cold to us. We said "Yes, we here since the beginning of the morning". He answered that he was very tired yesterday and just woke up not so long time ago.

Jennizle record a video of Perttu giving the autographs to us. We asked, will Apo play today Refuse/Resist? and he answered: "it is possible, but we do not know anything yet". Then he asked us did we were on yesterday concert?. We said "Yes! and we'll be today too".

MEETING 5: Paavo came to us later. He was very charming. In the morning of 6-th November Jennizle was on the railway station, met Apo and presented him a badge with Russian flag. And it was on Paavo' jacket when we saw Paavo in the hotel. When he saw our frozen faces, he told that has woke up recently... :) Also he told, that they will begin a concert at 19-50 pm today. Then he returned to the bas and passing past waved to us their arms from a window.

THE CONCERT: the concert was shaking. The sound was defenitely better, than yesterday and there were less people. It was more comfortable and not extremely hot, and there was no such mad crush. At the concert November, Pavel, Jennizle have a luck to stand in the first raw before the center of the stage. And Apo recognized us - crazy Russian fans! Paavo winked to us during the concert, Eicca sent me a kiss when I waved by hand to him, Perttu, Mikko and Antero smiled.

I screamed "Antero, soita alasti"! And Apo have played R/R (we asked them about it) ! Also they played again Kalinka-Malinka, but today they did it all together, the crowd sang. The concert was shaking, they having fun as kids, joked, and rock in all. Eicca thrown his bow to a crowd, and Mikko - his sticks. We were not allowed to record video and take photos at this concert. Security told us that it's allowed only the first 3 songs. But at previous concert we made a lot of media so we were not very upset. The concert was only 1hour 10 minutes cause they very tired and gonna in the morning to a following concert. I just don't have enough words to describe the show which they made! Crazy cute talented guys!

AFTER the CONCERT: we went to a service input and started to wait for Apo. We don't want autographs anymore, we just wanted to take more photos. Antero remained in the bus as always. But others came to their fans. In a crowd I missed my friends. But I saw Eicca not far from me. I thread the way to through the crowd. He recognizes me and greeted again. I presented a chocolate to him (that we have signed). After that I just made the photos while he had been giving autographs.

It was impossible to make the way to Perttu. Suddenly I saw Eicca near me. I impudently told: "Eicca, I want one more photo with you!" He thought for a second, then shown to kiss him in a cheek (and I did it with great a pleasure) and after that has allowed to take photo. I photographed us, but he told, that it is too close, it is necessary to hold a camera farther - and other girl made a photo of us. Then I saw Mikko. He saw me too, waved with a hand and shouted, that he remembers me. The same story was occurred with Paavo when he noticed me. Having distributed to all autographes they have climbed in the bus, but even through the blacked out waved to fans their hands. I till now hardly believe that this day was not a dream, but a reality. I'm so happy!

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