Apocalyptica performed on Finnish Metal Expo 2010

Helsinki Metal meeting, Kaapelitehdas / Cablefactory - 20.02.2010


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+- 23:00
Aaah there it was again, this doomy intro... remembering me of the past festival summer and provoking the usual pre-Apocalyptica goose bumps!

And off we go, 3 cellists and 1 drummer entering the stage to amaze us with their performance! The set being composed of burners like "Wherever I May Roam", "Last Hope", "Refuse/Resist", the powerful "Betrayal/Forgiveness" and "One". With the help of Tipe Johnson "I Don't Care" and "I'm Not Jesus" were very welcomed by the audience and a chorus singing along during "Bittersweet" showed that they've been missed and that they are still loved by their audience!

The highlight of the show was a new song composed by Perttu Kivilaakso.

Not only the song was special but also the way of performing it! Mikko Siren playing the contrabass and all 4 sitting in a round in the center of the stage... and we listenend... speachless! This as appetizer before the new album comes out makes me suspect that Apocalyptica will present us something unique and incomparable! But haven't they always done so?!

To sum up the gig was a good combination of (nearly) all great Apocalyptica songs with an astonishing surplus.

Earlier this evening the hearts of many fans beated faster as they were queuing for the signing session of Apocalyptica. In the queue one heard French, German, English and also other tongues! From far they had come, not only for the gig but also to get autographs, pix and maybe a hug! Only sad that such events are over too fast and that one can't queue twice ;-)

Thanks a lot guys and see you at the Kaamos Tour!

Text - Tanja Reiser,
Photos - Evgenia Melnikova,
Apocello.ru ©2010

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