Interview with Cristina Scabbia ("Lacuna Coil")

An exclusive interview with Cristina Scabbia for
Thank you very much to Cristina, who found the time to answer our questions.

A big thanks you! for those who helped me organize it: Adam (The manager of "Lacuna Coil" band) and our friend Nataliya.

Apocello: Have you made any other collaboration with other bands before Apocalyptica, or this one is the first one?

Cristina: No, it's not the first one. I did a song with an Italian artist called Franco Battiato, very popular here in Italy, and I sung with Dave Mustaine for the remake of the song "A tout le monde" included in their last album.

Cristina Scabbia - making video S.O.S.
Cristina Scabbia.
Making video "S.O.S"

Apocello: Who choose the song, which you were supposed to record with Apocalyptica? If it was you, then why "S.O.S. (Anything but love)", and not some other song?

Cristina: They picked up the song, probably cause they just thought it was the best one for my kind of voice and interpretation I give of feelings.

Apocello: What is your personal opinion about the song?

Cristina: I LOVE it. I would have NEVER recorded a song if I didn't like it. I get a lot of offers of collaborations, but I only pick up the better ones.

Apocello: Usually, on Apocalyptica albums, there are no censored words, well, except maybe this new album, and to be exact, the song that you are singing. Is this common for you? What do you think about this?

Cristina: I hate censorship in general; I think it's something like closing your eyes about what's really happening around you. But on a certain point I understand that for some reasons, especially for records, you can be forced to do that, and specific laws that are not depending on the artist who did the record itself only cause it./p>

Apocello: What is the main visual idea of the video? (We heard about the video shooting in Lithuania).

Cristina: I didn't see the final edition yet, so I cannot really spoil the surprise now!! Be patient you all! :D

Apocello: Should we expect any other collaboration with Apocalyptica? For example, for your next album, do you think you could invite them to feature a song for "Lacuna Coil"?

Cristina: I dunno what will happens, for sure I'd love to perform the song with them on a live show, where everything will be even more intense and vibrant...

Apocello: What was the funniest situation/thing that you remembered from this collaboration?

Cristina: I remember a cool sushi after the recording and then the whole day of the video it's been amazing. Definitely a wonderful group of people. I loved to meet them and to work with them.

Apocello: Apocalyptica has a reputation of hard working, perfectionist band, knowing, for example, Eicca, which likes to redo the songs and record them 3-4, maybe 10 times, we would like to know, how many times did you have to record the song? What about the video? Weren't they too harsh on you?

Cristina: I recorded my parts for a complete day, and I'm glad about that cause I like to challenge myself and push myself to the top as well, until the result is good. I do agree with Eicca then. It's your art and you NEED to protect it and make it as beautiful as you can. The video instead it's been like a vacation, I have fun shooting videos.

Apocello: When should we expect a new album from "Lacuna Coil", and, maybe a concert in Moscow?

Cristina: We are planning to release a new album for next year, so we are starting the songwriting now. We never played in Russia and we just heard good things about it, so we can't wait!

Apocello: The "myspace" phenomenon gains a lot of popularity among the bands and their fans, what is "myspace" for you? Is this just a way to be in touch with your fans?

Cristina: It's one of the best ways to keep in touch with your fans and to make yourself clear about some things that sometimes the press misunderstands during the interviews. You can test directly the impression of the people who is following you, and you can play with graphics and stuff. I'm a computer geek.

Apocello: On the previous "Lacuna Coil" album, you made a successful cover of a Depeche Mode song (Enjoy the silence). Are you thinking to cover some other songs? If so, which songs will that be?

Cristina: We don't know yet, first of all it's better to concentrate ourselves on our own songs, we still have a lot of fresh ideas. ©2007

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