What is the father's role in childbirth, Eicca Toppinen?

Original Finnish text: http://nyt.hs.fi - Ilkka Mattila, 12.10.2007

The cellist have visited Sello only once (a big shopping centre in Helsinki capital area - translator's note)

Ilkka: Would you buy an album with four ocarino players playing Metallica?

Eicca: No I would not.

Ilkka: What is it with you Apo guys that you can't keep your shirts on?

Eicca: Raging around on the stage makes one sweating. Playing is also tough, but mostly it's the headbanging. Perttu is usually the one who takes his shirt off in the start, I do it a bit later. Except I'm not fit enough for that.

Ilkka: Which one of the following you are ready to give up?: Sipoo (Eicca's hometown), cello, bridle or your silky hair?

Eicca: I have actually given up bridle already, haven't been riding for ten years.

Ilkka: (issue related to the local political argument between Helsinki and Sipoo - translator's note) You Sipoo-people had to give in to Helsinki concerning the regional merge. Where is the next threat coming from?

Eicca: Previous time it came from Russia during the war, when the Russians bombed Sipoo with the ammunition they could not carry far enough to Helsinki. This tiny Sipoo does have several financial threats.

Ilkka: Why are girls fascinated by horses?

Eicca: Maybe they express their caring needs when taking the responsibility of a huge animal. Why not boys as well.

Ilkka: How do you prevent your hair branching? (not sure about the word... meaning the hair having "two ends" when it's not in good shape - translator's note)

Eicca: Can't do much. Have it cut regurlarly.

Ilkka: What is the father's role in childbirth?

Eicca: Father is supposed to be as near as the mother lets him to be. Usually you get spanked down if you approach wrong time. Human being has such strong natural drugs uploaded.

Ilkka: Which one of your wife's characters you would prefer your sleeping toy: Nella Kvist (Kotikatu) or Kiti Kuikka (Sydanjaa)? (both Finnish tv-series - translator's note)

Eicca: Kiti, for sure. She has got more edge and dimensions.

Ilkka: Which one has better makeup: you or Marion Rung? (Finnish female singer, about 60 years old - translator's note)

Eicca: We compete on the same level. Mine is a bit messier and I can do it faster.

Ilkka: What did you buy when visiting Sello last time?

Eicca: I've been there once. Had a hamburger.

Ilkka: How does love feel in your heart?

Eicca: It does not feel in heart, it is an overwhelming sense in the lungs. It's just confused with the heart because it's near the lungs.

Ilkka: How do you call the events on 1918?

Eicca: Talking about the revolution, the civil war? Civil War.

Ilkka: With which tune would you greet a 90-years old Finland?

Eicca: Sibelius Finlandia. In a way I support the idea of Finlandia as our national anthem, though Maamme is okay. Finlandia is far better though, but maybe it's too challenging to be sung together.

Ilkka: When you wake up, you notice that you've got a tail. Where do you put it?

Eicca: I hold it proudly with my coal poker. Probably it's that type.

Cellist Eino "Eicca" Toppinen, 32, is the founding member of Apocalyptica, he has composed music to the movie "Blac Ice", is married with actress Kirsi Ylijoki and they have two kids.

English translation by Sanni, ©2007

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