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13 November 2013

10th anniversary of Apocello project

These days we are celebrating the 10th anniversary of Apocello project!

We are so much thankfull to all of our friends and fans for the help and support through all these years, there are so many people around the world!

We are thankfull to Apocalyptica band and the management who always trusted us and supported many times.

Happy birthday to us!

31 October 2013

Interview with Eicca Toppinen and Kirsi Ylijoki about their side-project band "Cherry & The Vipers"

The side-project band of Eicca Toppinen and Kirsi Ylijoki "Cherry & the Vipers" played 23th of august for The Blanko's new album release party at the famous Helsinki club "Virgin Oil Co. Club". We met Kirsi (vocals), Samu (guitars) and Eicca (drums), at that occasion, a few days before the release of their debut eponym album. Eicca joined the interview a bit later, after the preparations for the upcoming show.

Read the full interview

10 October 2013

Apocalyptica performed at Nordic Business Forum 2013

Nordic Business Forum 2013 - Leadership seminar started at the Congress and Trade Fair Center in Jyvaskyla in 26 September. The seminar opened with a surprise when Apocalyptica and Jenni Vartiainen, one of the most popular female artists in Finland, performed together.

Over 3300 guests at Nordic Business Forum 2013 enjoyed the Metallica cover "Nothing Else Maters" and Jenni's "Missa Muruseni On".

Apocalyptica already collaborated with Jenni on Ruisrock 2012.

Apocalyptica performed at Nordic Business Forum 2013

Photo credit: malenami.com

29 September 2013

"Wagner Reloaded" Show at Arena Leipzig postponed due to burglary and theft in production halls / warehouses Leipzig

The recital of the dance and music spectacle "Wagner Reloaded" at "Arena Leipzig" on september 27 will have to be postponed after the production's storage, containing costumes, properties and technical equipment, was broken into.

The police have initiated a criminal investigation. Unknown perpetrators have stolen and destroyed parts of the properties, stage design as well as technical equipment and costumes. "Not only were individual objects spoilt, in fact the whole production process is affected by the damage.", said the project manager Thomas Guggi. "We can't guarantee a safe show anymore. The artists, as well as us promoters are shocked!", the project director added. "The work of two years was destroyed in the course of the burglary."

And it's not only about physical values: With the robbery and destruction of various unique costumes and properties, ideational artistic values are lost.

It will be impossible to do the show to the stage on September 27, as there is not enough time to replace the damaged objects. "In our present situation, we simply cannot present "Wagner Reloaded" to the audience completely and with a hundred percent, said Guggi.

The replacement show is June the 7th 2014, bought tickets are usable.

27 August 2013

"Wagner Reloaded" live album - pre-order exclusives at Pledgemusic project.

13 tracks of the exceptional premiere "Wagner Reloaded" will be released on November 15, 2013 as an official live recording with the MDR Symphony Orchestra on CD and vinyl. As of now, you can exclusively pre-order the autographed album "Wagner Reloaded live CD" or an edition with individual dedication on pledgemusic.com.

The release will be available for regular pre-order end of August.

08 July 2013

Additional Wagner Reloaded show

After the two incredible shows in 5-6 July in Leipzig, Apocalyptica proudly presents the next "Wagner Reloaded - Apocalyptica meets Wagner" show date on the 27th of September in Leipzig.

You can check out the previous show on the videostream of the german TV station MDR here: http://www.mdr.de/mediathek/video134228_zc-f3a64d0e_zs-17950b3d.html

14 May 2013

Live premiere: Apocalyptica on tour with orchestra

Apocalyptica once again present a novelty - for the first time in the band's history, the globally successful cello rockers are going on tour with a classical orchestra. The ambitious production with the prestigious Finnish "Avanti! Orchestra" will premier in March 2014.

Apocalyptica have played over 1,000 concerts in more than 50 countries, released 7 studio albums and worked with renowned artists like Corey Taylor (Slipknot), Gavin Rossdale (Bush), Dave Lombardo (Slayer), Ville Valo (HIM), and Till Lindemann (Rammstein). The university graduate musicians, whose signature feature is to constantly explore uncharted territory, started to blend rock and metal with classical music in the early nineties, celebrating worldwide success until today.

In 2014, Apocalyptica will go on tour with a classical orchestra for the first time in their career. The collaboration with the Finnish "Avanti! Orchestra" is a long-cherished project, premiering in Finland live next March. The set will solely consist of instrumentally performed Apocalyptica songs, especially arranged for the band and the 25-piece orchestra. Following shows in Finland, the tour will proceed to Russia, Germany, Poland, Belarus and the Baltic states. Presales for these unique live events will commence from May 23rd - for now, tickets will be available via Apocalyptica.com exclusively.

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