Opera Indigo - press-conference in Finnish National Opera, 11.01.2016

Today the Finnish National Opera kindly opened the doors very early for the journalists coming to the press conference of Indigo opera.

Perttu Kivilaakso, Eicca Toppinen and Jaakko Kuusisto were ready to introduce the interesting points of the new opera with the team being included in the production.

Directed by Vilppu Kiljunen.
In the main roles:
Daniel - Markus Nykänen
Aurelia - Marjukka Tepponen
Carl - Christian Juslin
Tri Hackert - Jaakko Kortekangas

Photos: Evgenia Melnikova, Risto Hyvarinen

We are thankful to Finnish National Opera and personally to Heli Rislakki for the accreditation.

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